With all the success of Tears of a Kingdom I wanted to writing an article about how each of the Legend of Zelda characters resemble Montana towns but outside of Link, Ganondorf and Zelda herself, it's hard to get a real read on any of the other characters in the series. I've written articles comparing Montana towns to practically everything, including AvengersSpongebob charactersSimpsons characters, Dungeons and Dragons classes but I've finally met my match. So I did this list instead, excluding Super Mario characters from it because I've already done that before. Here's Montana Towns as Super Smash Bros. Characters:

Hamilton - Link

Hyaaaah! Hamilton has the right mix of fierce-hunting warrior to long-haired hippy ratio that makes it the perfect match for Hyrule's hero.

Whitefish - Zelda

If one city in Montana has princess energy, it's for sure Whitefish.

Helena - Ganondorf

Not making a political statement or anything, of course our state's capitol has nothing in common with that tyrannical, scheming and ruthless villain so don't even go there.

Billings - Caption Falcon

Billings for sure has that "show your moves" vibe, but if Captain Falcon actually visited that city he'd have to keep a close eye on his F-Zero machine The Blue Falcon lest it get stolen.

Missoula - Kirby

He's cute and bubbly, and the way he eats everything in sight reminds me of a Missoulian with the munchies.

Bozeman - Pikachu

Pikachu has gone Hollywood, not unlike this Western-Montana city.

Great Falls - Sonic

"Gotta go fast" is what I say to myself anytime I accidentally find myself in Great Falls.

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