The Simpsons is the longest-running primetime animated television series for many reasons, but I'd say the show's best quality is it's characters. People feel have a real connection with them, myself included. People are even inspired to meet the characters at Universal Studios' two theme parks, here's a video below.

With The Simpsons recently getting renewed for 2 more seasons, I figured now would be the time to do this. I've already done Montana towns as Spongebob characters, now here's Montana towns as The Simpsons characters:

Bart - Butte

This lil troublemaking rebel is SO Butte, just replace his slingshot with a hunting rifle.

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Lisa - Missoula

The hippie of the family is of course Missoula. Her political and humanitarian beliefs matches Zootown, and to be honest, so does her nerdy personality.

Homer - Billings

There's no way to compare a town to Homer and it not to sound like I'm throwing shade, so I'll just lean into it. Homer's big and dumb and you know what else is big and dumb? Yeah you do.

Marge - Hamilton

So sweet and lovable, nothing bad to say about this character or city.

Mayor Quimby - Helena

You saw this coming, but to my politically cynical eyes there's a lot these two have in common.

Mr. Burns - Whitefish

All I'm saying is that if Mr. Burns lived in Montana, he'd definitely have a mansion in Whitefish. And I'm sure at least one Whitefish resident has a button that will release the hounds.

Krusty The Klown - Bozeman

Because Bozeman is now Montana's city for entertainment-industry types who really belong in LA.

Ralph Wiggum - Great Falls

This one just feels right.

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