I'm not able to find who came up with the phrase, but it's so true— "there's 2 seasons in Montana, winter and road construction." Lately the road construction has bothered me more than ever before, and while I know that road maintenance is necessary, that really doesn't make me feel any better as I'm taking wonky detours and resisting the urge to bite my nails while wondering if I'll make it to my destination on time. It makes me wish I had another fast way of getting around besides my car, like something from a comic book. If they actually existed, here's some "alternative" means of transportations I think Montanans should try:

Web Shooters - Spider-Man

My childhood dream come true, the only problem is that without Peter Parker's spidey sense I'd probably end up horrifically injuring myself. I'd still have to at least try webslinging through Glacier.

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Jet Pack - Star Wars

I'd also wear Boba Fett's helmet just because.

Charizard - Pokémon

No one would dare honk at me while I'm on the back of my Charizard. Oh and I'd totally take my Charizard hunting too, although I'd have to train it not to use flamethrower because that'd just spoil the meat.

Omni-Directional Mobility Gear - Attack on Titan

Montanans would so kick those titans asses.

Magic Carpet - Aladdin

Yes I'd take my girlfriend on a ride, yes we'd sing A Whole New World together.

Transporter - Star Trek

I know no character ever said the line "beam me up, Scotty" but I'd still feel obliged to say it literally any time I'd teleport.

Hoverboard - Back to the Future

I'd use it at Montana's ski areas and get soooo much air.

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