Maggotfest is the annual rugby tournament here in Missoula happening through the 21st. If you live in Missoula I'm sure you're aware it's already begun, as this festival is anything but discrete. If you plan on going, make sure you read the 10 commandments of Maggotfest, and it wouldn't hurt to have some idea of who the attendees could be. Here's the types of people you meet at Maggotfest:


AKA rugby players. They're quiet, reserved and they absolutely loathe beer. Just kidding, they're pretty much the opposite of that.

International Travelers

So cool that here in Missoula you can meet people from all around the world right here in our back yard. Last year I spoke with a British gentleman and our conversation went something like this:

ME: So what brings you here— oh right, Maggotfest.

HIM: Oh, you're not as stupid as you look.

I got roasted bad but his accent was so charming that I let him get away with it.

Wounded Players

Rugby is a rough sport, and even after severe injuries these ruggers will party on.

Guys Wearing Diapers

I still don't know why this is a thing, I have some theories but I'd rather not investigate this further.

Guys Dressed as Bananas

Maybe because they're big fans of that ancient video for the song Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Beer Thrower

There is something fun about throwing your beer into the air, however there's nothing fun about getting soaked with booze. That's something you might have to live with, it's even one of the Maggotfest Commandments.

Drunk People

When they're not throwing beers, they're drinking them. I've only had good vibes at Maggotfest, but I'll still remind you to please drink responsibly :)

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