Montana itself is a fantasyland, epic and almost supernaturally beautiful. Incidentally, Montana towns seem to resemble character classes from the game Dungeons and Dragons. I've written about Montana towns as Avengers, Spongebob characters, Super Mario characters, Simpsons characters and I just can't stop. Here's a list of Montana towns as Dungeons and Dragons classes:

Butte - Barbarian

Fearless, bold and badass. You could transfer the people of Butte to middle earth they'd take over the whole kingdom within days.

Missoula - Artificer

Artificers make potions and so do Missoulians, mostly craft beers but maybe something stronger depending on the party you're at.

Bozeman - Bard

Because the yuppies of Bozeman wouldn't have any actual skills for battle, but yeah I'm sure a few of them could play the lute.

Helena - Warlock

Keep in mind politicians aren't actually some kind of otherworldly dark magicians, despite what you'll read on Twitter.

Whitefish - Wizard

For what they're charging for lift tickets, there must be some kind of spell casting going.

Glacier - Ranger

Glacier has enough actual rangers for this to just be obvous.

Great Falls - Orc

Wait, are orcs actually in Dungeons and Dragons? Either way Great Falls definitely has major orc vibes.

Havre - Fighter

Straight forward and practical, Havre seems ready to brawl.

Hamilton - Monk

Specifically the drunken master subclass, that's gotta be Hamilton.

Billings - Rogue

In a Dungeons and Dragons scenario I guess Billings rogues would be stealing horses and dragons instead of cars.

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