I remember watching the first episode of Spongebob Squarepants back in 1999, the very first time it ever aired. I was 7-years old, and they must've done a great job with the marketing because I was way hype for it. I'm a Spongebob super fan, and as such I'm able to judge any fan theory as correct or incorrect, and there's one theory that I find particularly idiotic.

Some people think Spongebob characters are based on the 7 deadly sins, and I don't see it as all. I mean, Spongebob as lust? Just ew, no. My belief is that the characters are each based on a town in Montana. No, there's no evidence Stephen Hillenburg has even visited this state, but the shared characteristics are so uncanny that it's undeniable. Here's a list of Spongebob characters and which Montana towns I think they're based on:

Patrick Star - Missoula

His mellow demeanor and laidback attitude reminds me of Missoula, even before a certain herb became legal.

Spongebob Squarepants - Hamilton

Hamilton is the sweetest, most-loved town in Montana, but once I saw him wearing the cowboy hat in season 2, episode 29 it all became clear to me.

Squidward - Bozeman

Squidward copies Squilliam Fancyson just like how Bozeman copies Los Angeles, tell me I'm wrong.

Mr. Krabs - Whitefish

Have you seen what they charge for lift tickets over there? This one is a no brainer.

Sandy Cheeks - Butte

The most adventurous, wildest character in the series has to be Butte. Oh and remember the episode when she goes after everyone who makes fun of Texas? Mock Butte and see what happens.

Larry The Lobster - Billings

The biggest city in Montana is for sure the hunky crustacean, and we know both the character and the city never miss an opportunity to flex.

Plankton - Helena

Yeah, I don't have highest opinion of politicians— how did you know?

The Fish Who Screams "My Leg" - Great Falls

Because the only thing worse than breaking your leg is being in Great Falls.

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