Thursday, November 17th there's a concert at The Badlander featuring Perfect Blue, Crypticollider and Jesse The Ocelot. This show, hosted by Bitter Roots Recordings, gets bonus points for featuring Montanan musicians in both bands and Jesse The Ocelot as a solo artist. Concerts are great, and there's something magic about supporting local, up-and-coming performers who are eager to put on the best show possible. The Badlander is a fantastic venue for live music, with a bar, a stage, and plenty of room for dancing. It's featured on this list of Missoula's downtown bars.

From Missoula, Perfect Blue is described as "a genre-bending, instrumental post-rock quartet" with music that "blends elements of post-punk, psych, shoegaze, folk and black metal for an eclectic spectrum of sounds moving between somber, intricate passages to dark, heavy soundscapes" on the event's Facebook page. You can hear Perfect Blue's music here.

Crypticollider is a psychedelic rock band that formed in Missoula in 2017. The band has a real chemistry with each other, playing groovy instrumentals you can get lost in. Here's a link to their Bandcamp page.

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The Event's Facebook page describes Jesse The Ocelot as "a solo artist from the mountains of Montana, who uses guitar and vocal loops to create atmospheric landscapes. Dreamy sounds of reverb-y ethereal vocal harmonies and warm guitar melodies combined with jazzy, soulful style." Listen to Jesse The Ocelot sing a cover of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" in the video below:

Bitter Roots Recordings is a "multi-genre record label, recording studio, entertainment management and event production company," according to their website. Last September they had their fall artist showcase, stay tuned for what their next event.

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