There's only one thing better than live music, and that's live music performed by Montanan bands and artists. Musicians in this state don't have all the advantages that musicians in other states have— there aren't 1000s of recording studios, record labels or management agencies to choose from, and yet, our music scene is growing. Montanans love supporting their own, whether it's breweries, athletes or anything in between. Maybe the most supportive thing someone can do for our musicians is simply to attend concerts, and the Bitter Roots Recordings Fall Artist Showcase on September 16th and 17th at Monk's Bar is free.

Bitter Roots Recordings, based out of Missoula, is a recording studio, a multi-genre record label, entertainment management and event production company. Their first showcase was last spring, and owner/operator Hannibal Hayes plans to have more showcases moving forward. He saw how the events of 2020 cut our music scene's momentum and was inspired to bring the community together. That's why the showcase starts with a social hour that Hannibal hopes will help artists and fans connect with each other, complete with catering and a DJ. They also release new, local music each Wednesday.

The first night of the showcase features live pop, hip hop and folk. Here's a song by Missoula singer, Saylor.

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The second night of the showcase is all about electronic dance music, with headlining act Bohemian Trap City, an multi-genre, live-electronic Duo between Hannibal Hayes and Milo Hayden who fuse live vocals, electric guitar, and violin over psychedelic bass music. After that, it's Wr!nse, who's also the head of Foundation Entertainment and is who providing PK Sound & stage lighting for the event— here he is featured on The Homework Sessions.

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