If you're somehow the only person on Earth who doesn't know what a corgi is, they're the adorable, tiny-legged scamps in the video below... but before you click, check out that floofy, lil corgi butt in the thumbnail, doing what the internet calls "splooting":

They were bred as cattle-herding dogs in Wales, and are still used for herding cattle to this day. Though it may be an urban legend, some people say there's a Welsh legend that fairies keep corgis as pets and to pull their fairy carriages. I couldn't find any evidence that legend exists, but it sounds right so I choose to believe it anyway.

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I've known Corgis to cuddle, play and be adorable, but I only just found out corgis participate in the olympics— well maybe not the olympics, but they do have their own olympic games right here in Missoula. Watch them compete on Sunday, February 26th (2023) at River Bowl Park on the north side of the University of Montana campus. Gates open at 1:30pm and the event lasts until 3pm, here's the event page for more details.

They'll race, fetch, play tug-of-war and more, rhyme intended. "It's hilarious, it's very entertaining. It's just really cute and if a bunch of corgis running around doing really random events doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will," said board member of Missoula Valley Corgis, Kendra Sorensen.

If you have some time for total cuteness this Sunday, be sure to watch the corgi olympics.

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