Tonight at 6pm the Hellgate Knights are taking on the Big Sky Eagles for the yearly basketball GOAT game at the Adams Center on the University of Montana campus. It's a big honor for high school students to have their game at such a great arena, and they're ready to show their skills on the big stage, so to speak.

Both the cheer and dance teams have been together since last summer, learning routines and performing them at Hellgate sporting events. Still, there's some jitters that come along with representing their school for a game of this magnitude. "It's really scary," said Zoo Crew member Jules Lane followed by laughter from her teammates. "We're all really excited and we all love watching our team and our friends... We're all here to have fun tonight."

The Hellgate Knights have been the winners of the GOAT game for 3 years running, which means they've had the glory of trophy "Gertie" back to the halls of their school. Gertie's a real beaut, check it out below.

Photo Credit: Coach Jen from Hellgate High School
Photo Credit: Coach Jen from Hellgate High School

Though a win is always nice, the real trophy is the experience of coming together for an event like this. That sounds corny, but it's true. "It's about being positive and being loud and just being good people, honestly. It feels great being on the positive side of it all," said Dance Team Captain Leena Wachtel.

No matter who you're cheering for, The Adams Center is set for a fantastic game this evening. Supporting our local students? That's nothing but net.

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