With the weather warming up, people are returning to their outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, golfing and my favorite, skateboarding. The unbeatable thrill of cruising down a hill with the wind blowing through your hair and the unique sound of wheels rolling down the concrete below, what a blast.

So be stoked for Board of Missoula's "Cinco de BOMo" hill-bomb race event on Sunday, May 7th, starting at 2:30pm with a taco bar and music by DJ Coach Shane. The big group race kicks off at 3pm followed by timed runs. There's also a best-dressed award, and other prizes such as Hecka Skateboard gear and wheels provided by the event's sponsors Thrasher Magazine and Underground Wheel Co.

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If you want to skate, helmets and pads are recommended, it even says so right on the event's flyer. Gearing up is definitely a smart idea because if you've seen the hills over by Skyview Park, I don't need to tell you that skateboarding over there can be potentially gnarly. Part of what makes skating hills so epic is the risk of adding to the proverbial blooper reel with a painful bail. The video below has some major wins, but some hard falls as well:

Board of Missoula started as a shop brand in 1995, and since then they've "hosted countless contests, demos, fundraisers, video premiers, sponsored/mentored many amazing rippers and events" according to their website. I shop there myself, so if you're looking for any clothes or gear I'd definitely recommend visiting their location at the Hip Strip on Higgins.

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