I'm big into movies and have been to several movie festivals, but soon The Roxy Theater in Missoula will host a kind of movie festival I've never seen before— it's called Queerwest Film Fest and its films will celebrate "not only the stories of queer life on the coasts, but the lives, adventures, and pain of LGBTQ2S people living under the majesty, power, and complicated history of the American West" according to the event's Facebook page. I did some Googling and was not able to find any other queer film festivals that have ever happened before in Montana, which would make this event a historic "first" for the state.

QueerWest Film Fest is from the first day of pride month, Thursday June 1st through Saturday June 3rd, making it kick off for pride-month events in Missoula. Their roster of short films features cinema from across the country and across history, including a silent movie from 1912. There's also feature-length films such as Please Baby Please which was filmed in Butte last year and premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. Among the films are other events like the Queerwest Drag Show and a legislative talkback.

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"I am over the moon" said the festival's director Charlotte Macorn, "it is such an honor and a privilege to put on Montana's first lgbtq2s film festival especially at a time where our rights are under attack, it's important to build community and show that we belong here." For details and ticketing information, visit the Queerwest Film Fest website.

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