Okay ladies, make sure you set some time aside for yourself THIS Sunday at 2PM! My amazing friends over there at Ridge Fitness are following up last week's Womens self-defense class with another kick-ass course!

Matt Powers will be there again to break down the basics of striking and grappling and teach you a couple of nifty moves should you ever find yourself in a compromising position.

The world is filled with a bunch of weirdos and creeps (yes, I know there are good guys out there too) but a class like this will give you the knowledge, and hopefully some confidence, to help you fight and defend yourself in the future! You'll learn defensive and offensive skills in a safe environment with other women, plus you get a great workout in!

When it comes to your safety, you should never take it lightly! It's better to have the knowledge and skills and not need them, than to need the knowledge and skills and not have them!

What: Women's Self Defense Class - Instructor Matt Powers w/ Rachel Plumage

When: Sunday, April 30th

Where: Ridge Fitness

Time: 2PM

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