Okay so I know police dogs are total badasses but can I still say they're cuties?? Because they are! But on the flip side, I've seen police dogs in action before and I'd hate hate hate to be on the recieving end of one of their attacks.

The Missoula Police Department has just added two new K-9 units to their force and their names are Jip and Sunka! According to KPAX they were handpicked by a dog trainer in Stevensville and went through hundreds of training hours before being introduced to their handlers Todd Horton and Tim Harrington. 

"They're volunteering to do 360 hours of handler training, weekly training, yearly re-certifications, this is the kind of commitment these guys have put into this and it says a lot about them as officers," said Lt. Jake Rosling.

Jip and Sunka are replacing Ryker and Halo who are probably looking forward to a nice relaxing retirement filled with long walks (not chasing crooks) and countless belly rubs!

We wish Jip and Sunka and their officers Horton and Harrington the very best of luck and hope they stay safe out there! We appreciate you guys SOOO much!

For more on this story check out the KPAX's full article HERE!


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