After a long day at work it is nice to just relax at home or maybe go to a nice outdoor concert like Michael Franti and Spearhead. I attended this concert at Big Sky Brewing and it was the first concert I have been to at the brewery.

The concert was super fun and everyone was dancing the whole time. Michael kept bringing fans on stage to sing and dance and was big on crowd involvement. I now know that the rumors are true, Big Sky Brewery concerts really are a blast!

After attending the concert and seeing how fun the people of Missoula can be I decided to visit a place I had never been, which was the Fort Missoula Historical Museum. It was a nice outdoor walk, before the weather got bad, looking at all the old buildings and I learned some things I never knew about Missoula's history!

Another weekly thing I do to see new people in Missoula is attend Out To Lunch and Downtown Tonight. There are so many great food options and always some fun music playing.

This coming week will be the last week for these activities. That means on the 24th for Out To Lunch, and the 25th for Downtown Tonight. Don't miss the Great Griz Encounter on Thursday. Kids will have a chance to meet the University of Montana players!

I love being in Missoula and having fun during the week but then coming home to Seeley Lake on the weekends  is one of my favorite things. You never know what you will see.

This week I saw a small black bear on my way home from the grocery store. This made me remember this picture I took off of our front steps last summer! Bears are out there and it made me happy that our trash is in bear proofs cans!

Another one of the great things about living by the lake is the jaw dropping sunsets every day!

This was over the lake and right behind the local volunteer fire department building.

Living in the Seeley - Swan Valley is amazing because there is so any tremendous views. I always try to stop and take pictures when I see something beautiful because everything changes so much and you never know when you will get to see it again!


    Lolo, Montana | The View From 3600 Feet

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