Hey Zoo listeners and followers, it's Kayla here with another weekly recap! Our summer was dampened a little bit by the rain this week but we all managed to pull through and make the most of it!

Last week we had our fair share of sunshine and the rain clouds rolled in this week! Rain is great for many things, including wetting the ground to lessen the chance of wildfires, and making for some great photography shots!


Even after the rainstorms there is pretty sights to be seen!

Since Missoulians are such great sports and don't like missing fun we still took time to go down to Caras Park for Out To Lunch on Wednesday and Downtown Tonight on Thursday!

Thursday's Downtown Tonight was sponsored by the Missoula Independent. The musical acts were the Best of Missoula Bands and all of the other winners were posted. Our sister station 96.3 The Blaze won third place in the category of Best Local People and Media.

Peter Christian was also a third place winner in the category of  Best Radio Personality. To see all of the other winners go here.

Another event that Missoulians always manage to enjoy no matter the weather is a wonderful Osprey Baseball game. At Saturday's home game the first 750 fans through the gates received a free Woody's Owl bobblehead. They also received a little rain and some beautiful sunset views.

On Sunday, the Osprey played again at home and it was Senior Sunday and kids day. All seniors (55+) got a 2 for 1 ticket. After the game, kids were allowed to run around the bases just like the real players do.

This weekend was also the Missoula Marathon weekend. This weekend included a Beer Run on Friday, a 5k run and kids marathon on Saturday and the half and full marathons on Sunday.

The rainy weather doesn't stop Missoulians from doing  what they love. It just hows how strong we really are and that nothing can ruin Montana's beauty!


    Huckleberry Witbier and Lime Marinated Salmon

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