After all the fun events happening last week in Missoula it was nice to have a calm, relaxing week. This week I enjoyed a little bit of reading, some great sight seeing (as always), and some great Montana treats.

Last weekend I attended the Celtic Festival and got to hear great music and learn some cool things about Irish heritage. There was a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Later on in the week as the Roaring Lion fire got bigger and because of all the smoke in the air I decided to explore a new place inside. I went to the Missoula Public Library for the first time in a very long time.

Even though the air conditions were not the best, I kept all of the people in the Hamilton area being effected by the fire in my thoughts!

The smoke in the air didn't stop people from getting out and having fun! Out To Lunch on Wednesday and Downtown Tonight on Thursday were still hits!

Then finally the weekend was here and it was time to relax. I took a drive Friday night to take in some of Montana's beauty.

On Saturday I went to the Farmers' Market and Missoula People's market, where they always have such great things, then on Sunday I enjoyed the small Seeley Lake Farmer's Market.

At the end of the week it is nice to jut relax an enjoy some delicious Montana treats and look forward to what the next week holds for us!


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