Easter has such a neat aesthetic and vibe. Of course there's the religious significance which can not be understated in its significance, but you know— there's also the bunnies, eggs and pastel colors to represent spring I guess? Early April rarely feels like spring yet here in Montana but I roll with it anyway.

So as you may be aware, I am obsessed with seeing Montana towns in literally everything I see. Such as Montana towns as Spongebob characters, Simpsons characters, Super Mario characters and Avengers. Now, my greatest challenge yet... Montana towns as Easter stuff:

Bozeman - Cadbury Creme Egg

Oh sure, geographically Bozeman may look like solid Montana chocolate, but inside it's all gooey California, if ya catch my metaphor.

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Billings - Peeps

Billings has the sugar beet factory and peeps taste like if sugar and a marshmallow had a vaguely-chick-shaped baby. Also they're both kind of gross, sorry just being real.

Missoula - Color Dye

Because on Easter Sunday Missoulians are like "whoa, pretty colors." Same as every other day.

Butte - Cocktail

If you don't think Easter cocktails are a thing we celebrate this holiday very differently and you're probably not from Butte either.

Hamiton - Easter Basket

An Easter basket has eggs and what Montana's capitol Helena has is clucking crazy. Too much of a reach?

Hamilton - Chocolate Bunny

The only thing harder than finding someone who doesn't like the taste of a chocolate bunny is finding someone who doesn't like Hamilton, although I can't imagine why you'd want to.

Whitefish - Plastic Egg

Not just any plastic egg, one with an expensive necklace inside it to represent Whitefish's bougie bougieness.

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