Montanans are not known to dress overly fancy. The phrase “Canadian tuxedo” referring to a denim jacket with denim jeans seems to apply here as well. I think there are several reasons why that’s the case, starting with what Montanans have in common with Canadians, cold weather. Something about subzero temperatures really freezes out a person’s enthusiasm to wow everyone with extravagant clothing. Another factor is Montanans apparent shyness, in fact they’re ranked quite high for that social trait. Those not seeking attention may gravitate toward muted colors and clothing less likely to catch the eye. This creates a sort of feedback loop where there’s so many people who dress plainly that anything even slightly outside the norm really sticks out, which pulls the Overton window of fashion towards the drab.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing more simple clothes if that’s what you want to do, but let’s acknowledge that there’s a real fun to having a more wild wardrobe. Here's some suggestions on how Montanans could dress with the drip:

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People from other states think Montanans all dress like cowgirls and cowboys, and maybe some of us should prove them right. There's something sexy about the cowboy asthetic, which only people in certain states can pull off. Let's not waste the opportunity, maybe bring back the 10-gallon hat.


The cowboy look isn't for everyone, some perfer a more edgy, rock and roll look. May I suggest getting a mohawk? It works for me. There's a thrill to spiking or dying your hair, and while you run the risk of not liking a new haircut, just remember it grows back.


I have scarecely seen a necklace or anything more than a weddding ring in this whole state. Shiny accessories can elevate your vibe, so don't rule them out.


If you got the 10-gallon hat I mentioned earlier, complete the look with a pair of boots too. For the rest of us, a pair of nice loafers or a pair of colorful sneakers can be a vibe.

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