Housing prices have risen so high so fast since 2019 that it's had an effect on Montana culturally. Locals were never excited about the idea of new neighbors, but the frustration with housing is now at a level where a simple phrase such as "I'm new here" is enough to make a Montanan wince.

I went searching for a solution, and I definitely found some methods that could maybe, possibly, in some fashion get the job done. Here's are some unorthodox methods to attempt to solve Montana's housing crisis:

Limiting the Number of Houses a Person Could Own

From my biased position as a person who can't afford to even buy one house, I of course think this could be a good start. There are some potential problems, however. This could discourage wealthy people from spending money here and/or creating jobs, so I'd hate to solve a housing crisis just to create an economic crisis.

Time Minimum as a Prerequisite

This method would prevent people from buying the best-quality property only to spend a week or two here each year, contributing little to the Montana economy.

More Tiny Houses

If more people wanted to live in tiny houses, we'd have a lot more room and the price of housing would fall. If you're interested, here's an article about where you can build a tiny house in Montana. 

Convince People Not To Move Here

Step one would be ruining the show Yellowstone, here's some casting suggestions that would make it tank in the ratings.

Deport Californians

Hey, I never said this list would be ethical.

30 Things Not Accepted at Montana Goodwills

You can donate just about anything to Goodwill. Here are 30 you can't.

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