I have a fever and the only cure is writing articles about how Montana towns are similar to other things. I wrote about how Montana towns are similar to Spongebob characters and Simpsons characters, but now I'm taking this to the next level.

You know those chalky, sweetheart candies with those cute lil phrases on them? Here's a Montana towns and which sweetheart phrases I think they most resemble:

Missoula - U Go Girl

The perfect phrase for progressive, feminist Missoula. If you've ever been in Zootown, you know our girls do indeed "go."

Butte - Yum Yum

If there's one Montana town bold enough to use this particular phrase as a way to flirt, it's Butte 100%.

Bozeman - Big Fan

For when Bozemanites inevitably run into some Hollywood celeb looking for a new home to spend 2 days in each year.

Havre - Crush It

As in the beer can under your boot, yeehaw.

Whitefish - Look Good

Because the scenery there is so beautiful, although I'm sure Whitefish has its share of cuties.

Helena - Push Thru

Yeah, just like they "push thru" all this whacky legislation, am I right?

Hamilton - Be You

This goes strictly for Montana's sweetest city, Hamilton. Other cities following that advice could lead to disaster.

Billings - U Got This

And by "this" I mean "a Chinese spy satellite in your airspace" or at least sources are saying that.

Great Falls - Why Not

I'll answer that question, because I'd rather be pretty much anywhere else. Just kidding Great Falls, I love you (no I don't).

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