Last week we published an article about lab-grown steaks, and posted it on social media. This may come as a surprise to you, but the comments from Montanans weren't even mildly positive, in fact there was zero support for it that I could find. Shocking, I know. Here's a video about lab grown meat if you want to know more:

Kidding, Montanans stance on lab-grown meat is obvious to everyone, but my analytical mind wants to dive deeper. Here are the reasons why Montanans (mostly) won't eat lab-grown meat:

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We support our ranchers

Farming and ranching is a major part of the Montana economy, and in a state with state pride like we have there's an enthusiasm for shopping local. "Put your money where your heart is" is a phrase Montanans follow, and the hearts of Montanans are in the the land and the people who live here, not in a lab.

It doesn't sound delicious

Taste aside, what sounds more appetizing to you?

1. Veggies grown in a garden

2. "Meat" grown in a lab

We don't associate labs with food. When I think of a lab, I think of petri dishes and viruses, not a tasty meal to eat with my family.

Labs have a bad reputation

Labs are responsible for scientific advancements in many ways I think we're all thankful for, but there have been enough lab-related disasters that I think we're all a bit squeamish about it.

We're traditional

There's a reason why Montanans like things the traditional way, and that's because the traditional way is often way better than a potentially hair-brained scheme from some dude in a white coat calling himself a scientist.

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