Here's a suggestion if you happen to be an out-of stater, don't tell a Montanan how much you like the show Yellowstone. We're a bit sensitive about the show because it makes you people want to move here and raise the cost of housing. Much to our chagrin it's hugely popular, but it doesn't take a lot to go wrong to ruin a series. With that in mind, here are some casting suggestions for Yellowstone:

Matt Damon

Maybe he'll convince the producers to blow Yellowstone's budget on bogus NFTs.

Jared Leto

This guy ruined Morbius and even the Joker, so there's no doubt he could ruin a western like honeydew ruins a fruit salad.

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Alec Baldwin

Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't want him to do what he did on the set of Rust, ok?

Kathy Griffin

I actually think she's funny but she's definitely not a great fit for the show. Not to mention that she's rather... let's say, polarizing, which probably wouldn't help with the ratings.

Will Smith

I loved him in I Am Legend but if Yellowstone wants to stay successful it should probably keep Will Smith out of arm's reach.

Megan Fox

She could never act to begin with, and since she's started dating Mr. Obnoxious aka MGK, she's brought the cringe to a whole new level. Seriously, could they quit it with the blood stuff already?

Nicolas Cage

This one is risky because he'll either run Yellowstone into the ground or unintentionally make it the greatest series known to streaming, with absolutely no in between.

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