Think you've got the technical skills to put together a small car? Think you've ALSO got the lungs to get it over the finish line?

Highlander Beer is holding Puff Mobile Races, where you have 90 minutes to build your own boxcar and then use the force of your breath to race it against the other cars. First place gets a prize basket including a case of beer, Highlander swag, and a trophy!

The event is going down on Thursday, January 30th at 5 PM. Here's all the info from their Facebook event page:

Racers.... Get Ready... Get Set... PUFF!
Here's how it works! We give you a box of supplies to make a vehicle of your own design that is then propelled using only the force of wind created as you blow on the car. We'll be racing tournament bracket style with prizes for first place and most creative!

1st Place goes home with a Prize Basket including a case of beer, Highlander swag and a trophy!
Most creative Puff Mobile goes home with a $25 Highlander Gift Card!

The nitty gritty:
🏎Boxes are passed out at 5pm (You can show up and start building anytime after 5pm until races start)
🏎Races start at 6:30 (No more working on Puff Mobiles after this time)
🏎No more than 24 teams.
🏎As many people as you want on your team with only one "puffer" per heat.
🏎Compete in head to head "heats" in a tournament bracket.
🏎Build your Puff Mobile using only the contents in the box we provide.
🏎You must not touch the table or your Puff Mobile, it must be propelled only by blowing on it.
🏎If your Puff Mobile blows off the table you may pick it up and start from the beginning.
🏎First Puff Mobile blown all the way to the end of the table wins the heat!

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