Fall is just around the corner, and as a result, fire season is finally winding down in Montana. It was a rough one this year, with tons of fires reported around the state, the smoke carrying over to Missoula for weeks on end, and a few extra challenges like a jet fuel shortage causing some problems.

It was exhausting, grueling work for Montana firefighters this season, and as a way to extend some thanks from the community, Highlander Beer and Draught Works Brewery in Missoula have teamed up for a pretty cool promotion.

Pint For Firefighters is set to make its return this month - basically, beginning on September 15th, you'll be able to make a donation to a fund that will allow firefighters to stop into either brewery to grab a free beer. Plus, a portion of all donations goes towards the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The program runs until October 2nd.

In fact, you don't even need to wait until the 15th - Highlander and Draught Works are both set to take your donations now if you're ready. The fundraiser is a favorite for customers at both breweries, and gives people the opportunity to thank firefighters in some small way, even if they're not able to see them in person.

Will you be donating to Pint For Firefighters this year?

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