Harry Potter's birthday is coming up - but what do you get the boy wizard who has everything? The dude gets nice gifts all the time - a Nimbus 2000, a Firebolt, an invisibility cloak, there's no keeping up. Maybe another horcrux... no, he's already got seven of those.

Anyway, Harry Potter's birthday is on July 31st, and to celebrate, Highlander Beer in Missoula is hosting a birthday party at the end of the month! On Wednesday, July 28th, you can stop by for games, trivia, costume contests, themed drinks, and more Potter-centric celebrations.

Missoula is definitely home to a ton of Harry Potter fans - last year, I went to Harry Potter trivia night at Ogren Park, and I consider myself somebody who knows an awful lot about Harry Potter. I was completely blown out of the water - there were like 20 teams that placed ahead of us... and we got almost every question right! There are some true die-hard fans here in town.

Which I guess shouldn't be all that surprising: Missoula is even home to a little neighborhood where all the streets are Harry Potter-themed, like Muggle Lane and Potter Park Loop. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.

Think you'll be heading out to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday at Highlander Beer? Have you thought of any good gifts to get him since you started reading this? Guess I could always go with the old standby of chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

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