Man, it is good to see the weather getting so nice these days. After a long, cold winter - one that came at the tail end of a year where we were pretty isolated - it feels especially great to get out there and start exploring the world again.

And if you're looking to get back into some adventures, this could be of interest to you - Highlander Beer and Adventure Missoula are teaming up to celebrate the outdoors and get some Missoulians out on the river. If you stop by on Thursday, June 10th from 5 PM to 8 PM, you can enter into a raffle to win a free whitewater rafting trip for four.

And all you have to do is enter is buy a beer when you show up - once you do that, you get a free ticket into the raffle. Or on the flip side of things, you can actually purchase a rafting trip while you're there, and if you do that, you get a free beer token in exchange. Either way, you're getting something for free!

They'll have live music from Smith/McKay throughout the day, so you can grab a few friends and hang out while you wait for the winner to be announced. For more info on the raffle, you can check out their Facebook event page.

Got any other adventures planned in Missoula this summer? If you're looking for another one at Highlander Beer, you can finally cross "meet Mr. Peanut" off of your checklist this weekend.

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