Missoula is quickly becoming an attractive destination for film and TV projects - the TV series Yellowstone has been filming in and around town for the last few weeks, and we just recently got word on a new production studio being planned to be located near the airport. That's great news for people seeking jobs in the industry in town, and it's also great for local actors, who are likely to see more opportunities as a result of more projects filming in Missoula.

Now, a new movie called Slant Streets will be filming in Montana in November. It's an independent production about a homeless Native American in Montana suffering from memory loss and trying to put his life together. And they're having a casting call for the film on Saturday, September 26th.

And it's not just for extras, either! They're looking to fill a ton of major roles - here's what the Montana Film Office posted that they're looking for:

Young Arthur (10-12) Native American boy. A couple of scenes at the beginning.

Bill Two Bear (18-20) A young Native American soldier. Sent off to Vietnam.

Doctor Hornsby (40-60) any ethnicity, is a kind doctor that helps out at the Poverello center. He frequently checks up on Arthur and worries for his health.

Nana (60-65) Native American woman that tells young Arthur how the world is, has a couple scenes at the beginning, and then is heard in voiceover/narration in later parts of the movie. Kind of like young Arthur’s grandma.

Priest (40-60) Any ethnicity priest that remembers Nana and Arthur from when he was a younger boy.

Officer Moriarity (30s) is the “nice cop”. He is a big guy, heavy set former football player. Tough looking but fair.

Nurse Lewellyn (30-40) is a tough, mean nurse/front desk that has to wrangle homeless men into getting indoors, doing their medical checks, etc. She is suffered by no fools and sharp as a tack.

Selena Harris (20s) pushy young reporter for local news that wants to get at Crandall at his press conference.

Tammy (20-30) Big boned, big haired friend and co-worker of Jill’s at the Humane Society.

Tommy (10-13) Officer Crandall’s son. Appears in two scenes: the breakfast scene at Crandall’s house and when he goes for a hike with Crandall at the end.

Joan (30s) Crandall’s wife. Breakfast scene.

EXTRAS: people of all ages needed.

Auditions will be happening at Missoula's Silver Park this Saturday, and they will be outdoors. If you'd like to try out, email Davy Williams, the film's writer and one of its stars, at dayang@david.com and tell him which role you'd like to try out for.

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