Over the last few weeks, the hit TV series Yellowstone has been filming in and around Missoula and Hamilton for its upcoming season (check out a firsthand account of what it was like to be an extra right here), but it looks like it might not be the last thing we see filmed in the area. In fact, pretty soon, we might get a lot of film and TV productions coming to Missoula.

That's because investors are spending nearly $20 million on the Montana Media Hub, a new film and television studio meant to attract major productions, and they're building it in Missoula. Over in Technology Park, actually, right near the Missoula International Airport.

This is all in the planning stages right now, so it could be a while until we actually see this, but when it's built, it'll actually be the first studio-grade soundstage in the entire state of Montana. The people behind the project believe that Montana is in a unique position to establish a new industry and become a major hub for these kinds of productions.

And in fact, Yellowstone's decision to move from Utah to Montana this year is what kickstarted the project and convinced some of the investors that it was time to move forward on this. I, for one, think it's exciting - I'm a huge film/TV geek, so to see Missoula become a bigger player in the entertainment industry is very cool. It'll also create jobs and be a big benefit to our arts community for people who want to work there.

Are you excited about the new production studio in Missoula?

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