Are you a movie geek living in Missoula? If you clicked on this article I'm guessing... yes. That's great! I am, too. I've only lived here a few weeks, but I've already been to every movie theater in town and I maaaaaay have chosen my apartment based on how quickly I could walk to one.

So this is totally up my alley. The Montana Film Festival, which is going to run from October 4th to 7th, is unveiling its lineup this Friday during a special showing at the Roxy. The trailer promises a mix of new and acclaimed films as well as classic independent cinema.

Best of all, the unveiling is free to attend and passes for the Montana Film Festival will be on sale. As a New Yorker who spent a lot of time at different film-related events on the East Coast, I'm eager to see what the film scene is like in Montana.

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