People talk about how much they love traveling. I mean, I've done my share of it and it's ok if you ask me. I just can't find much enthusiasm to blow all this money and go through the stress of transportation when I have everything I need in downtown Missoula. Here are the 20 best things about it:

The view

Depending on where you're standing, you can check out the Clark Fork River and our mountain's majesty in a single glance. I see downtown Missoula every day and it's still nice to see a video like the one below:

Griz game day

I love to see all my fellow Missoulians wearing maroon, and watching the game together at Red's or the Iron Horse.

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Downtown Zootown is where you get down. Monk's, the Badlander and other places have the music for ya depending on the night.


It's not the biggest downtown area, but that's a plus when you're bar hopping. Speaking of which...


The best place to hang out, with fun vibes and the potential for conversation.


I've tried them all and I love them all, here's my guide to Missoula's breweries for more.


The food downtown gets better and better. A few of my favorite restaurants are Zoo Thai and Wally and Buck.

Stand-Up Comedy

The showcases at Stave and Hoop are always hilarious. They also have open mics, so does The Union Club. Here's a local comedy group's Facebook page that lists all the shows each month.


Some of the best nights of my life have been at The Wilma, I can't wait to see The Interrupters play there again this April.


I love grabbing a nice coffee from Liquid Planet before going on a stroll.


I'll admit I don't spend as much time there as I probably should, but the Missoula Public Library is fantastic. It even won a prestigious award, here's an article with details about that and a list of other times Missoula was recognized for awesomeness.


Every Wednesday night at The Badlander from 8pm to 2am, here's their event page for more.


Head downstairs to Three In The Side to test your game.


How do you think Missoulians got the drip in the first place? By shopping downtown.


I'll admit I've never actually done it, but I like having the option.

Christmas decorations

So festive, it really puts me into the holiday spirit each year.

Pride parade

Last year it was pouring rain and it was still a total blast.

First Friday

Local musicians playing the perfect soundtrack to checking out local art.

Summer nights

Warm nights downtown >>>>>>>

The people

It wouldn't be Missoula downtown without Missoulians, my favorite people.

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