Hi diddly ho, neighborino! How's your diddly ding dong day goin'?

Ok, I'll cut that out. For the most parts Montanans are great neighbors, but nobody's perfect. Here's annoying neighbor behaviors you see in Montana:

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Automatic Lights

Specifically when they shine into your house. It's particularly annoying in a place like Montana because of all of the wildlife. Those lights are a useful tool against intruders but it's mostly flashing at every squirrel or deer that moseys by the doorstep.

Hanging Hunted Game on the Porch

This doesn't bother me, but not everyone wants to see a murder scene every time they look out the window. Make some room in the garage maybe?

Fire Pits

There's nothing annoying about a fire pit if it's lit and maintained properly, otherwise it'll smoke up the whole neighborhood. I hope those s'mores are worth it.

4-Wheeler Mud

4 wheelers and quad bikes are cool but covering the whole street with the mud isn't.

Chicken and Rooster Mayhem

Obviously roosters are the most-annoying creatures on the whole planet, and if a dog jumps the fence that's an absolute neighbor nightmare.

Snow Shoveling or Lack Thereof

Fights about snow shoveling can get intense, maybe because a short stroll can feel like trudging through icy slush.

Garbage Where It Doesn't Belong

Like in someone else's can, which is illegal in Missoula by the way. Worse than that is if they leave their bags out with no cans during bear season.

Campers and Boats

Different cities have the different ordinances, but to use Missoula as an example again, you can't park a vehicle on a city street for over 5 days at a time, this article has more on that.

Don't Be That Guy! Top 10 Montana Unwritten Camping Rules.

Don't do these things while camping. Be the cool camping dude, not the other dude.

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