The Montana Highway Patrol is well aware of the major sporting event taking place this Saturday in Bozeman.

Captain Jim Kitchen said there will be extra patrols on I-90 all the to Bozeman as fans descend on Bobcat Stadium for the 115th Brawl of the Wild.

"We've got the strategic enforcement team over in Bozeman, and we'll be saturating that area looking for DUI's and people driving impaired," Kitchen said. "So, my advice, don't drink and drive. Don't take that chance. 30 years in prison's not worth taking that chance if you hurt or kill somebody."

Kitchen reacted to a study released by the financial firm Credio, as reported in the Missoulian, that Montana was the second worst state in the country with drivers having the highest blood alcohol level with 45 percent killed with BAC's over.08.

"That really doesn't surprise me," Kitchen said. "We arrest people with three times, and sometimes four times over the legal limit. I just read a study about people not realizing what their BAC actually is. The allowed limit is.08, but my suggestion is if you have a couple of beers and get behind the wheel, you're at .04 and already driving impaired. There's always a chance of somebody walking out in front of you, or pulling out in front of you, and you're still going to get in trouble over that DUI."

The study said only South Carolina fared worse than Montana.


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