2020 left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. You name an event and there's probably some way that it was altered by COVID-19. And altered was the best-case scenario as most events were either postponed or canceled. What a weird feeling it was last year to have November come and go without a Brawl of the Wild game. But even though the annual Griz/Cat matchup didn't happen on the football field, it still took place in the communities of Missoula and Bozeman. Can the Cats (or Can the Griz if you're an MSU fan) still took place last year with each community doing their best to out-donate the other. Just to serve as a refresher, and in absolutely no way to rub it in a little more, Missoula came out on top last year by a pretty decent margin with over 670,000 lbs + $$ donated.

Let's get to collecting for a cause!

The good news is that the football game will be back to serve as the final piece of the competition this year. And if you can believe it, we're exactly one month away from kicking it all off once again. The Can the Cats Canned Food Drive will run from November 6-20th this year and donations will be accepted all the way up until the Brawl of the Wild game at Washington-Grizzly Stadium on the 20th.

Photo: Missoula Food Bank
Photo: Missoula Food Bank

We saw with COVID last year that people are using the Missoula Food Bank's services more than ever. The great part about the competition between the Griz and Bobcats is that all the food raised stays in the Missoula and Bozeman communities. Locally, the donations help the Missoula Food Bank and the UM Food Pantry.

Are you ready to help score another win for Griz fans and all of Missoula? You can contribute by filling a bag with donations, giving a monetary donation, organizing a food drive, or just helping spread the word. You can always drop off donations at Missoula Food Bank & Community Center (1720 Wyoming St.) And check out a list of locations where you can donate around Missoula HERE.

We're not greedy, all we ask for is a Missoula win over Bozeman when it comes to food and funds collected, as well as a Griz win in the Brawl of the Wild! Just give us that and Bozeman cat have the rest.

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