It didn't take long after moving to Missoula to realize the importance of the Brawl of the Wild football game between Montana and Montana State. The game in 2018 was my introduction to the rivalry and it was one that will be talked about for years as it had everything you want in a football game! One team dominating, the other team making a huge comeback in the 4th quarter, the game coming down to the wire, the trailing team with the ball near the goal line with just seconds to play, and an incredible turnover to seal the win!

The only thing we didn't have that day was a win for the Griz. It was such a heartbreaking finish as they ended up on the wrong side of the scoreboard after the late-game fumble. After another MSU win in 2019, we saw last year's game (and season) canceled. This year's game will see Montana looking to get back on the winning side of things and break a four-game winning streak by the Bobcats.

But let's go back to that game in 2018. It was played at Washington-Grizzly Stadium and the Griz held a 22-0 lead at one point. It looked like it was smooth sailing for the home team until things took a turn for the worst. In the end, it turned out to be the biggest comeback in Griz-Cats history as MSU went on to win 29-25.

An MSU student and filmmaker happened to be in the stands for that unbelievable game and now he's looking to raise money to produce a documentary titled Miracle in Missoula. I know, the name stings if you're a Griz fan. It will probably hurt to watch the finished product too. But it looks like it'll be a cool project that will showcase what the annual rivalry game means to Montanans.

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A Kickstarter fund has been started to raise $12k for the project. The documentary will include interviews and stretch beyond just the 2018 game.

This 40 minute documentary is for the fans of football and it’s for the people of Montana. For the ones who have stuck around for the win streaks, the losing streaks, the go-ahead touchdowns, and the freezing cold game days in late November. It’s for the people who love football and who love stories like this one.

It'll already be tough to watch as a Griz fan, and having some MSU bias won't make it any easier, but it's pretty cool to see a project like this dedicated to arguably the best game in the 120 years of the Brawl of the Wild. You can learn more about the documentary here.

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