On Sunday, Missoula Police Department Officers arrived at a presumed crash scene on Rimel Road. Two cars where present: an un-occupied Honda Accord and an occupied Nissan Sentra. The Sentra had one occupant in the driver’s seat, passed out and the car’s engine was still running. The driver was identified as 27-year-old Angel Chispe.

At around 8:40 a.m., the Missoula County Sheriff’s office took over the investigation. Deputies found a male walking back to his car, at the crash scene. After investigation, deputies determined there was not a crash, but an altercation between Angel and the male.

The male told the deputies that he and Angel hung out the previous evening. He said Angel was drinking heavily throughout the night. Angel then began throwing up blood, so the male offered to take him to a hospital. At that point, Angel became angry and tried to fight the male, who fled.

Angel chased the male down on foot, bit him on the hand, and hit him multiple times. A deputy observed the bite mark on the male’s hand and several small lacerations on the male’s face. The male said he was able to break free and run away.

While the male was running, Angel got back in his car and drove around looking for the male. Eventually, Angel found the male and then tried to run him over. The male said Angel got about 10 feet away from running him over with a car, before the male jumped a fence to avoid the collision.

At the end of the investigation, a deputy conducted a DUI investigation on Angel. Based on Angel’s results during the standardized field sobriety tests, he asked Angel to provide a breath sample. Angel agreed and provided a breath sample measuring his BAC to be .189.

According to court documents, Angel is currently being charged with assault with a weapon, assault, and aggravated DUI.

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