Dear hipsters of Montana,

It's like the cliché "a fish out of water" was written just for you. This ain't New York— heck, this ain't even Oregon. I imagine it could be frustrating to have so many views and lifestyle choices that aren't popular in Montana.

For example, you're big into the lab-grown meat. Montanans aren't just disinterested with that stuff, some outright ridicule its very existence. They have their reasons why they're sticking with "regular meat" (for lack of a better term) and I respect your reasons to eat whatever you want. We can even share a table.

There's another way you're different from many Montanans— the way you have fun. I've never known a hipster to go fishing or take a trip to a shooting range. We all like to go camping, but I don't want to know what kind of substances you take on your visits to Glacier. Say no to drugs!

What many locals don't like to acknowledge is that many of you are from here. That is, if Missoula is still considered to be part of Montana. If that's the case, many of you are born and bred Montanans. Enjoy that Treasure-State pride.

Hipsters, I don't think you get the credit you deserve, so I wrote this letter to thank you for all of your contributions to what makes this state so great. You're active in our arts scene, and your standards for coffee and craft beer raise the bar.

But 2013 was almost 10 years ago, it's time to lose the man bun already.


Christian Grant

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Montana National Parks

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