Do you feel the love in the air? If you're in Montana, you probably do. It's true that dating here isn't as easy as it is in other states but Montana has plenty of qualities that make it more romantic than anywhere else, here are just a few:


From flirtatious snowball fights to warming up with fireside cuddles, snow can be more of a mood setter than it gets credit for.


Splashing around, sharing drinks and holding hands as you drift passed gorgeous Montana scenery— I'm swooning just thinking about it.

Mountain Views

"This view is almost as beautiful as you are," I say to my future wife.

"Cute, let's take a lil trip to Mars in our spaceship," she replies.

Big Sky

You can't look at the stars with your lover if there's too much light pollution for them to even be visible. That's something Montanans take for granted, but I'm sure people from other states can't go stargazing as easily as we can are way jealous.


Thunderstorms are common each Summer in Montana, which adds a dramatic flair to a hot night with your significant other.


Not everything is convenient in your typical camping trip, but that can be a source of real bonding. There's a wild, primal energy that you can get in a tent that you just can't find in total luxury.


Montanans are an adventurous, warm and loyal people. Entering a new relationship is scary, but locals have all the bravery needed to open their hearts when they meet someone special.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Montana: What to Expect

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Montana National Parks

Montana National Parks

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