The Treasure State isn't known as a fashion capital, but at times I'd argue that our more reserved approach is often preferable than other states that are always chasing the newest fad. I'm no old man yelling at a cloud here, I often like trendy fashion and will even adjust my wardrobe for what's in because I'm a vain, shallow hipster and that's what we vain, shallow hipsters do. It's a lifestyle.

Montanans have adopted some fashion trends lately, not all of which I'm a fan of. I guess I'll have to live with seeing mullet bros for awhile. But some of 2023's fads are an even lower level of cringe. Here are some Montanans need to avoid:

Big Red Boots

To be clear, I'm not necessarily against big red boots (although in most cases probably yes) but I am against these boots in particular. Since win did Astro Boy become a fashion icon? Anyway they're available for purchase this Thursday but if you value your reputation, I consider other footwear options.

Bleached Eyebrows

If you want to look like a cyberpunk android then go for it, the rest of us should probably keep our eyebrows' natural color.

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Low-Rise Jeans

This look is so hard to pull off properly, and I suspect many of the models you see wearing these are dehydrated and start chugging water as soon as the photoshoot is over.

Cargo Chaos

Cargo pants are in, cargo shirts too. They look atrocious to me but I suppose this could come in handy for the hunters and fisherman among us.

Sheer Madness

A little goes a long way with sheer, too much and you look like a seal caught in a fishing net.

Anything Doja Cat Does

I am a huge fan of Doja Cat, but lately she's made some questionable choices for attire. My advice is avoid replicating any of Doja's recent looks, in fact it wouldn't be a bad idea to do the opposite of whatever she does until at least 2024.

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