This is pretty tight. Some guy posted a time lapse video of a complete driving tour through all the major streets of Zootown. He sped it up just fast enough so you can get all the features of our nifty little city tour including Brooks street, UM campus, Caras Park, Higgins, Russell and Reserve street and more in just one video!

My only suggestion is that he should have done this during a season where Missoula was in a little better shape. This town, like it is now, is torn up from the winter. Gravely roads and dirty snow banks aren't the most pleasing of sights, and as I'm sure you know Missoula looks far more gorgeous when the sun is out, colorful leaves are in the trees and the mountains are green. Still, you got to admit. This is one very cool city.

So, if any of your out of town friends have always wanted to visit Missoula and yet they never had the chance, send them this video so they can at least get an idea of what our streets have to offer, in under 10 minutes!

What's your favorite place in Missoula?  Is there one side of town you are more fond of? Tell us what you think of lil 'ol Zootown in the comments below.

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