We asked earlier where the worst pothole in Missoula was and our audience made many great suggestions.

Here's some of your previous Facebook and Twitter @ replies

Fallon Montana Sullivan south is the worst

Robyn Belcher Yeah the part of south street Just east of malfunction.

Joseph Murphy i would have to say that there is an easy 1000 of them on Broadway, infact my truck needs a new front end because of that crap

Joey Connell I’m sayin 6th and 5th by campus but its all pretty well f*!ked up right now!

Jenna Hagle South Ave between the COT and the South Park & Ride is HORRIBLE!

Amy Small South Ave looks like a road in a 3rd world country.

However, aside from those suggestions, the overwhelming majority agreed that this one street in particular seemed to be the place that was more ravaged by this long winter than most. Well, the city agrees and now that the snow has thawed they are finally doing something about it.

I just got back from a quick run to downtown via. Russell Street and I could tell my car was breathing a sigh of relief after the long stretches of smooth pavement has been recently laid down. My commute to the office is now a bit more worry-free.

According to KGVO News Talk-

The Russell Street paving project continues until at least next Wednesday. We spoke with Brian Hensel, Superintendent of the Missoula Street Department Wednesday, a very busy guy, by the way…and he told us that the years of heavy use on Russell has made the project necessary. One lane of the Russell Street bridge has been closed and one lane has been open for traffic over the last week or so. Hensel says the next projects will tackle Van Buren Street and areas near the University..

You hear that college students? Your neighborhood is next on the list. Great news for you and your shocks. We should thank the city construction workers for jumping on this project with quickness.

After that, what street should be next? Is there another street in town that deserves just as much attention and should be the on the list first and foremost? Let us know in your comments below.

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