The brutally cold weather in Missoula has been harsh on both it's locals and more so, it seems, on it's roadways. Last week, I tweeted that Russell Street looks like it had been through a war zone and in minutes I received nearly 30 responses from people either agreeing or suggesting places around town that were much worse.

Where is the worst pothole in Missoula? Here are some of your answers.

Facebook and Twitter @ replies

Fallon Montana Sullivan south is the worst

Robyn Belcher Yeah the part of south street Just east of malfunction.

Joseph Murphy i would have to say that there is an easy 1000 of them from Broadway to Russell, infact my truck needs a new front end because of that crap

Joey Connell I'm sayin 6th and 5th by campus but its all pretty well f*!ked up right now!

Jenna Hagle South Ave between the COT and the South Park & Ride is HORRIBLE!

Amy Small South Ave looks like a road in a 3rd world country.

KPAX reported that the city may have found a solution to seal the potholes quicker than usual, thankfully. Good, because I'm not sure if our vehicles front ends can take any more of this torture.

Where would YOU say is the worst pothole in Missoula? Have you had any damage done to your vehicle because of Missoula potholes? Leave a comment in the field below. We want to hear your story.

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