Here's a big change to the downtown scene in Missoula: Liquid Planet, the popular coffee shop, is moving from its location on Higgins over to Broadway, where Zootown Brew used to be before it recently closed down.

The owners of Liquid Planet plan to open two new restaurants and bars at the Higgins St location, one upstairs and one in the basement, with the basement one being described as "more of a speakeasy."

The new spot for Liquid Planet isn't terribly far from the old one, so this shouldn't be a huge issue for those who want to keep going there - plus, there's still several locations around town, including at the courthouse, the airport, and near the University of Montana.

The plan is to have the Liquid Planet on Broadway open by October 1st, and the new restaurants on Higgins open by March 2020. Will you be checking them out when they arrive?

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