One nice thing about the winter in Montana is that there's a lot less dog poop on our sidewalks, and though my shoes appreciate that, it does make me suspicious that people aren't walking their dogs at all.

There are exceptions, but in general dogs love walks— that's why they're always begging us to go. Dogs also beg for unhealthy foods and activities, but in this case what they want is actually good for them, or at least for most of them. The exercise, socialization and stimulation keeps a dog healthy and happy. As a bonus, it's nice to wear out a dog so that they're too sleepy to bother you when you're back home.

The benefits to walking a dog is pretty obvious, but avoiding harm in a walk during our Montana winter can be complicated. Here's some safety tips that'll help:

Know How Long a Walk Should Be

The website for Embrace Pet Insurance recommends 20-minute walks when it's cold out.

Know When It's Too Cold

There's a big variation of acceptable temperatures depending on the age, fur length and size of the dog. The website for Embrace Pet Insurance has a helpful chart that can help you determine the risk level of a walk based on the temperature it is outside. If it's too cold to walk, you can stay inside and play with your dog as an alternative.


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