I'm 31 years old, meaning I was in the target demographic for the skateboarding industry during it's explosion of popularity in the 2000s. I played Tony Hawk games a lot— and the game actually had a big impact on me. I never got great at skating despite a solid effort but I still rock the Vans, and don't you dare call me a poser. The game also introduced me to so many bands, many of which I love to this day.

Another positive effect of playing those games was that it gave me a simulated walkthrough skatethrough of cities all across the world. I've never been to Barcelona, yet I've played the level in Tony Hawk's Underground so much that I feel like I've been there.

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A hangar in Montana is the first level of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. To be specific, the level is in "Mullet Falls," which seems to be a parody Great Falls, and not just for the obvious reason. One of the founders of Neversoft (the video game developer behind the Tony Hawk Games) is from Great Falls according to a Montana technology website called Montana Associated Technology Roundtables. Below is a video that'll show you what the level looks like:

Most of the level is indoors so unfortunately you don't get a real impression of what Montana is like by playing it. At least there's snow, and in that regard the video game has a more accurate depiction of Montana than the show Yellowstone. Though I'd prefer the level look like an actual Montana city, it's nice just to be included in one of the greatest games of all time.

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