I want you to flashback to the year 2000, when the song "Follow Me" was the biggest thing in the entire world. It's a song that was so big, I remember a small girl in kindergarten singing it at an elementary school talent show (I was 7 at the time). Later in life, I realized that the song was about a guy convincing a woman to cheat on her husband with him, and that memory was a lot weirder in retrospect!

Anyway, Uncle Kracker, massively popular country artist, is drifting away (ha) to Missoula! He'll be playing a show at The Wilma on Thursday, August 15th. Tickets are gonna go on sale on Friday at 10 AM over at the Top Hat and online at logjampresents.com.

This should be a really cool show - will you be checking this one out?

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