I'm annoyed today, I don't know why. If I had to guess, maybe it's because there are so many annoying things that annoy me. What's not annoying is that there's plenty of company for my misery because there are plenty of annoyances we can all hate together. Isn't that beautiful?

Here's a list of 9 things that annoy Montanans:

Smoke Season

Usually it's smoke from fires in other states, talk about bad neighbors.

The North Dakota State Bison

They've beaten both the Griz and the Bobcats enough times to be on our bad side forever. Hopefully they'll be put in another division one day but I won't hold my breath.

Electric Vehicles

They might be the most annoying to the Montanans who own them, like where can you even charge those things in this state?

Gas Prices

You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Thanks to long drives that are sometimes necessary here, gas prices can be a real bummer.

High Rise Construction

It's like those buildings think they're better than us.

June Snow Storms

Snow storms are bad enough but in June? That's just gnarly.

Fake Meat

I wrote a whole article on this one, don't even get me started.

Urban Deer

The magic of seeing a deer wears off pretty quick if you live in a place like Missoula. They poop everywhere, they eat flowers from people's gardens and you're not even allowed to hunt them. Head back to the woods, deer.

Wildlife in general

They're majestic, sure— but like, they want to eat us.

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