If weight loss is on your ‘to-do’ list for 2014 there are a few tricky foods that may be stopping hindering your goals. Losing weight can be a huge battle. (Like many other women, I’ve been on a diet since I was a tween.) Some of the healthy foods you believe are good for you might really be making you gain those lbs.Dried fruit:  When fruit is dry the sugar becomes dense, so there are more calories. Stick with the fresh stuff.
Granola: Stick with cereal. It usually has fewer calories than granola.
Corn and peas: Both are considered a starch.  So think of them as a carb, like bread.
Frozen yogurt: This tasty treat can actually have more calories than ice cream.
Gluten-free foods: Simply being Gluten-free does not mean it’s automatically healthy! Read the labels.

Energy bars:  Read the label! Certain energy bars have the same sugar, carb and calorie count as a candy bar. And lets be honest, wouldn’t you rather just eat a Snickers?! If you do find a healthy energy bar, remember, they often have enough calories as a meal.  So use them as that… Not simply a snack.

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