This week, I started with Lefler Sport Strength at Access Fitness. Five days at the gym with the trainers kicked my butt (in a good way!). Working out on my own before, I felt like I had the basics down but my technique was lacking. There were a few moves we tweaked this week and by doing that, I’m feeling muscles I never knew existed!Here’s what I learned this week:

I need to eat more veggies, and you probably need to as well! Rather than just eating, we need to eat to fuel our bodies. It’s similar to fueling up a sports car with regular gasoline or with premium grade 92. Like your body, the sports car runs better on the higher octane. If you eat clean, you’ll feel better, look better and be able to take on your workouts.

Take shorter breaks between sets. This is a common mistake. No texting on the phone or having a 5 minute conversation between sets. Just do what you came to do, then go home.

Add more cardio. With my trainers this week, I did more circuit training (resistance training and aerobics). I can already feel the difference.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you want to lose weight but just aren’t sure where to start. Lefler Sport Strength got me hooked up on the diet (Abs are made in the kitchen) and with the workouts to get me results and feel great.

The road to fat loss might be paved with some bumps here and there… But here’s how I look at it. It’s more than a diet for a few weeks. It’s re-learning how to eat… And sometimes, allowing your body to actually eat more and eat more often (kind of like keeping the fire burning by continuing to add logs to the blaze.)

Do you have a weight loss story? Maybe tips you’ve learned that have launched you to success? Share them here.

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