Thanks to Mulan, Pocahontas, The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin and Mulan, we have princesses of all colors on the television screen. But that is just not enough. A high-school junior from Virginia, has started a petition on to get Disney to make a movie about a plus sized Princess.

Jewel herself is overweight. In her petition, she says, "It would be revolutionary for Disney to show support to a group of girls who are otherwise horrendously bullied by the media. It would make many young girls feel confident and worthy to see a strong character that looks like them."

Am I missing something? Can anyone reading this please tell me, where and when has the media bullied fat boys and girls? I myself was extremely hefty growing up. I recall my piers bullying me for my weight… Not mainstream media. And if I wouldn’t have been fat, my classmates would have picked up on something else that was ‘different’ about me.

I have battled with weight all my life… But by the time I hit high school, I realized I was in control. I cleaned up my eating, I participated in volleyball, cheer-leading, weight training and track.

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